Latest Horizon Zero Dawn Patches “Issues” Players Face When Clocking Over 200 Hours of Game Time

Horizon Zero Dawn is not just good, but it is exceedingly so. If you have yet to check out this latest IP exclusive to the Playstation 4 console, then boy, you’re missing out big time! The game was only just released about 3 weeks ago and already there have been major patches and fixes released by the developers, Guerilla Games.

However, the latest patch released today aims to fix “issues” that players have reportedly been facing whenever they manage to clock over 200 hours in the game.

Let’s take a step back and examine something here:

For the player to have already played more than 200 hours of Horizon Zero Dawn, they would have to play at least 9.5 hours over the past 3 weeks, daily! That is an impressive feat by itself so if you’re one of those guys, give yourself a pat on the back or check yourself for gaming addiction, i dunno.

The full patch list can be found here on Reddit (minor spoiler alert) so if you are extremely wary of spoilers and would rather avoid them like the plague, I’ve compiled a list of non-story related updates below that are included in the patch.

  • Added press and hold X for multiple Buy option
  • Added option to invert the X-axis
  • Item economy adjustments
  • Adjustments to Robot and Human AI
  • Facial animation improvements in several conversations
  • Fix for game running into issues when playtime exceeds 200 hours
  • Several progression and crash fixes
  • General improvements

At a glance, these updates all seem to work towards enhancing the overall user experience and it doesn’t seem like there are too many potentially game-breaking bugs around, which is always a good thing.



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