Keep Your Nintendo Switch Handheld Console Scratch-less

Whether it is a simple design flaw or not, the fact is that many Nintendo Switch users are facing heartache when they realise the plastic dock for the console’s handheld device can actually scratch the screen! Nobody enjoys having their hardware ruined this way especially when they cost a lot of money but apparently, Nintendo is having none of it.

Here’s how you can prevent your handheld device from being scratched without having to replace your dock.

Before you can actually take measures to prevent your Nintendo Switch’s handheld touchscreen display from scuffs and scratches, you must first understand where the damage is coming from. Despite costing quite a lot of money, the console and it’s Joy-Con controllers (the controllers you stick to the sides of the handheld touchscreen) are very susceptible to scratching.

The one thing you will NOT want to do is to dump the handheld together with the Joy Con controllers into your luggage bag or bag pack when you are moving around. Having it bounce around against other foreign material like coins or hard surfaces will easily scratch them. Always make sure you protect them properly in a nylon bag casing or simply separate them from other objects altogether.

Now, to solve the problem of the dock itself that’s causing your screen to scratch, you can actually go out and purchase soft protector skins that are designed for this problem. Aptly named “Dock Cozys”, they are tastefully designed to not only prevent scratches on your touchscreen display but they can even make any true Nintendo fan proud to own one. You can check them out here

It definitely sucks to have this design flaw but thankfully there are other ways around it that doesn’t have to cost you a bomb to avoid, like this one here

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of the product mentioned above and will not receive any kind of compensation should you purchase anything from there.


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