Zelda Breath of the Wild Has A Major Flaw

If you’re one of the many Nintendo fans out there, it is highly likely that you might already be sitting in your living room with the brand new Nintendo Switch. The new Zelda game is obviously one of the most anticipated launch titles for the system and would seem like the perfect way to kick off playing the new console.

Soaking in hours upon hours into the game, your brother/sister/aunt/uncle/cat who has been observing you playing all this while, decides that it’s time they had a go. Ever the generous player, you think to yourself,”hey, why not?” and hand them the controller. Based on your previous experience playing games, you know that you could always reload your own save file to continue where you left off in your game.

You head back out into the main menu and select “New Game” and you are prompted with a message: ” Overwrite previous save data?”. Now if you select “yes”, you can kiss all of your hours of game time goodbye.

Yes, you read that right…

People, starting a new game in Zelda Breath of the Wild WILL erase all of your save files!!! You have been warned. The only workaround is to actually create a new Switch account for your bro/sis/aunt/uncle/cat which only takes mere minutes, thankfully. To do this, go to the “system Settings” on the Switch homepage, scroll down to “Users”, then select “Add User”.

Be sure to let the other players know that they are to login to their own respective Switch accounts before continuing their game.


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